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WikiLeaks published the first-ever batch of source code for CIA cyber-weapons. The source code released today is for a toolkit named Hive, a so-called implant framework, a system that allows CIA operatives to control the malware it deploys on infected computers.

From March to August this year, WikiLeaks has released only documentation for supposed CIA cyber-weapons the organization claims were stolen from the CIA by hackers and insiders, and then handed over to its employees.

WikiLeaks announces "Vault 8"
Those releases were part of a series of leaks WikiLeaks called Vault 7. Now, WikiLeaks says Hive is just the first of a long string of similar releases, a series WikiLeaks calls Vault 8, which will consist of source code for tools previously released in the...
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The Tor Project has released a security update for the Tor Browser on Mac and Linux to fix a vulnerability that leaks users' real IP addresses.

The vulnerability was spotted by Filippo Cavallarin, CEO of We Are Segment, an Italian company specialized in cyber-security and ethical hacking.

Cavallarin privately reported the issue — which he codenamed TorMoil — to the Tor Project last week. Tor Project developers worked with the Firefox team (Tor Browser is based on the Firefox browser) to release a fix.

Today, the Tor team released version 7.0.9 to address the vulnerability. Tor Browser 7.0.9 is only available for Mac and Linux users. Tor Browser on Windows is not affected.

IP leak caused by "file://" links
According to Cavallarin, the issue is actually a...
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A threat actor is mass-scanning the Internet for Ethereum mining equipment running ethOS that is still using the operating system's default SSH credentials.

The attacker is using these creds to gain access to the mining rig and replace the owner's Ethereum wallet address with his own. Replacing this wallet ID sends all subsequent mining revenue to the attacker instead of the equipment's real owner.

Scans started on Monday
The attacks started on Monday and were first detected by a honeypot set up by Romanian cyber-security firm Bitdefender.

Honeypot logs showed attackers trying two peculiar SSH username and password combos — ethos:live and root:live.

Searching the Internet, Bitdefender tracked down these two combinations to ethOS, a 64-bit stripped-down Linux...
UK authorities have arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly launching DDoS attacks on online services like Google, Skype, and Pokemon, but also for selling malware online.

Alex Bessell, 21, from Aigburth, a suburb of Liverpool, was arraigned in a Birmingham court today, after police officers arrested him earlier in September, this year.

Bessell stands accused of infecting over 9,000 computers with malware, creating a botnet, and using it to launch DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that targeted Google, Skype, and Pokemon servers.

If this wasn't enough, UK authorities say he also designed a crypter — software that's often used by malware authors to disguise their code and evade anti-virus detection.

Authorities did not reveal the name of the crypter Bessel designed but...
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Two days after the Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak has wreaked havoc in Russia and Ukraine, security researchers are still unearthing details regarding the malware's modus operandi.

While initially it was believed that the ransomware spread from the initial victim to nearby computers using a custom scanning mechanism that relied on the SMB protocol, new research published today by Cisco Talos and F-Secure reveals the Bad Rabbit ransomware also used a modified version of an NSA exploit to bolster the spreading process.

Third time's a charm
This marks the third time this year when a global ransomware epidemic has used cyber-weapons developed by the NSA and leaked online by a group of hackers going by the name of The Shadow Brokers.

WannaCry was the first...
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Since mid-September, a new IoT botnet has grown to massive proportions. Codenamed IoT_reaper, researchers estimate its current size at nearly two million infected devices.

According to researchers, the botnet is mainly made up of IP-based security cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), and digital video recorders (DVRs).

Based on Mirai, but not a Mirai offspring
Researchers from Chinese security firm Qihoo 360 Netlab and Israeli security firm Check Point have spotted and analyzed the botnet as it continued to grow during the past month.

Both companies say the botnet uses some code from the Mirai IoT malware, but there are also many new things that make the botnet a standalone threat in its own right.

The biggest difference between Reaper and Mirai is its...
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Ever since mid-September, when Coinhive launched and the whole cryptojacking frenzy started, the Internet has gone crazy with in-browser cryptocurrency miners, and new sites that offer similar services are popping up on a weekly basis.

While one might argue that mining Monero in a site's background is an acceptable alternative to viewing intrusive ads, almost none of these services that have recently appeared provide a way to let users know what's happening, let alone a way to stop mining behavior.

In other words, most are behaving like malware, intruding on users' computers and using resources without permission.

Most of the newly spotted Coinhive clones are exactly what you think they are. These are sites that provide a Monero miner specifically built for stealth mining, most...
Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), has discovered a severe flaw in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks.

The flaw affects the WPA2 protocol itself and is not specific to any software or hardware product.

Vanhoef has named his attack KRACK, which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack. The researcher describes the attack as the following: