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Professionals hackers carders Forum. Here You can find cc shop, atm fraud, dumps with pin, illegal credit cards. All carding information at Prvtzone

Hey All ,
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* You mean I have absolutely zero anonymity on the web?
* So what? Why would I wanna be anonymous anyway?
* Okay, I see your point. Anonymize me.
* What are proxies?
* What are public proxies?
* Where can I find lists of public proxies?
* Are they good for anything besides anonymity?...
Through my years in hacking , I learnt different ways to disable the safe mode in order to get full access to the server.
I will explain today 3 unique methods to achieve this:

Method 1: php.ini

Most common way used by hackers to disable the safe mode is editing the php.ini file which is the main configuration file for PHP in the server.
It can be found in:
Old TUT, Credits To The Author !!

Carding Basics:

The Carbon (Carbon Copy)

Well, since this IS the basics, I will cover even the simplest thing.
This is what carding is all about, using someone else's credit card to
buy s**t for yourself. However, you dont just go out and steal someone's
credit card because then they'd report it stolen or lost, and the card would
be void. Instead, you go for the carbon copies (carbons), which are those
little pieces of paper on which the store keeps you're ordering information
until the money is transferred to them.

Trashing (Looking for carbons)

The best place to look for carbons are in industrial and business districts...
in the alleyways and backstreets...
PPTP Servers



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.:. Prologue .:.

This is the 2nd level (in logic counting) for the famous and most used method, known as SQL Injection.
If you don't know Basic SQLi yet, I recommend you learn it before continuing on with this tutorial!


Step 1 Finding Vulnerabilities

Well, as you know in the big deep deep web there are a lot of websites, most of them are hackable. A vulnerable website has security holes ranging from XSS/SQLi/LFI/RFI and much more I could go on and on. Therefore we will take this test website and look at this example below.
To find out if it's vulnerable to SQL Injection we will undergo a little test.
For that we will add some strings. As everybody knows the number 1 is equal to 1. But not to 2.
Therefore we will compare...
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VISA CREDIT: Visa offers several sorts of credit cards according to the need of their clients there are tailored cards for every need.

VISA DEBIT: VISA clients often use Debit cards. There are several personal and business debit cards used by VISA offering several extra services and discounts.

VISA AARP: It’s a special cash back card issued by Chase, with unlimited cash back, added protection, and automatic contributions. Visa AARP cards are generally mentioned as Chase Cards in the US.

VISA ATM ONLY: The Visa ATM-Only is classic debit card which you can use anywhere in the world....
Credit Card Payment Processing--How It Works
This document provides an overview of how online credit card processing works. Credit card payment processing for your store takes place in two phases: authorization (getting approval for the transaction that is stored with the order) and settlement (processing the sale which transfers the funds from the issuing bank to the merchant's account). The flow charts below represent the key steps in the process starting from what a customer sees when placing an order through completing the sale and finishing with the merchant processing the sale to collect funds.


Authorization process
When the buyer clicks the "Checkout" button, they are sent to secure servers to complete...
Video tut.

Download link

Video made by 6RBK9

Credits to websec-empire
[size=large][align=center]Crypters Guide[/align][/size]

Crypters Guide for beginners

What is a crypter?
A crypter is a program used to make viruses undetectable by anti-viruses.

Crypter types:

Runtime: Crypters that crypt your virus and when you run it in a computer it is undetectable by the anti-virus.

Scantime: Crypters that crypt your virus and when you scan it it is undetectable but when your run it in a computer the anti-virus detects it.

Crypter parts:

Client: The porgram where you can load your file and crypt it.

Stub: Stub is a filter for the file you chose at the client. If you delete it the client is useless but some crypters don't have a stub (internal stub).


UD means UnDetectable.
FUD means Fully UnDetectable.
You can check if...
[align=center]Today i'm introducing you to my new MegaThread\Tutorial
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I'm gonna show it detailed !
This tutorial is n00b friendly.
Follow the steps carefully !

First Download iStealer 6.0 Legends,
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Before Downloading It be sure to turn off your AntiVirus , it will be detected as a virus because it's a hacking tool and won't let it work .
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Then the second thing :
You need a host ,there you will get your iStealer logs !
For this tutorial i'm gonna use this host :
Then after you signup you will receive an email with the details of your account like username, password ,ftp \sql server etc